Albisht Alhassawi is the name of the Arab men’s wear which is tailored in the province of Alahssa and so it is named after the province.

wearing Albisht Alhassawi is an expression of pride. It is still an important component of the national attire in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, it continues to be a high-quality product.

There are different uses for Albisht Alhassawi such as seasonal uses and different indications such as the social status, and different occasions like weddings or religious occasions.

Stages of its embroidery

Demarcation: Determination of the parameters of the hands and back

Taking the measurements on the person’s back, hand and total length

Bedding installation: Collecting the threads together to install the red-threaded embroidery

Making the embroidery lines

The installation of “alqetan” which are two cotton-wrapped balls hanging from three threads by the ends of the pellets

Albirdakh is the process of brushing and polishing using a mallet on a wooden slab